Spruce Your Conferences with Exciting Fringe Activities Singapore

Spruce Your Conferences with Exciting Fringe Activities Singapore

If you are planning on organizing fringe activities Singapore for a seminar or conference, then here are a few fringe activities Singapore for the conference that you can include. These activities could be a great way to let the attendees move. The fringe activities Singapore for the conference could be varied as per the guests who are attending the conference. From networking and group activities to individual fringe activities, there are a plethora of ideas that you can fit into your event.

Creative and exciting fringe activities let the attendees be attentive all through the program, and they also leave the event with lasting impressions. So, plan from these fringe activities Singapore for your conference. The activities go way beyond the charts, analysis, and PowerPoint presentations.

Let your attendees put on the chef cap   

Cooking is a great team-building activity, and it also helps in breaking the ice. It offers fun and is relaxing for the attendees before they are ready to sit for the conference. Team cooking lets the participants interact with each other. They also enjoy some time bonding before the start of the conference. Cooking instills positive energy, creativity and brings in healthy competition. So why not include cooking as a fringe activity for a conference in your event.

You can’t go wrong with a game of Bingo

Lighten up the atmosphere at the conference with a game of Bingo. This is an excellent way for your invitees to settle down. You may come up with various creative ideas of Bingo or play the original version of the game. Bingo is fun and lets the attendees feel comfortable and already to attend the conference.

Human Bingo  

Human Bingo is one other game that is great at helping your attendees’ network before the conference. For this, you will have to create bingo cards that are in a 5×5 matrix. You will have to think up ideas that are unique to your audience or industry. It could include things like:

· Works in marketing

· Has traveled to a foreign country last month

· Has a corporate experience of 6 years

· Graduated last year

· Has a dog

The attendees will then have to walk around the room and check off the boxes when they meet the person. The first one who meets all the people and checks off all the boxes will win.

This game is a great conversation starter and lets your invitees feel at ease. The positive energy is carried over to the remaining part of the session.

It is all about bringing people together

The idea of these fringe activities Singapore for the conference is to make the guests feel relaxed and also helps them to network with other like-minded attendees who share the same interests. People would also like to have some information about fellow participants before the start of the conference.

The savvy planners know how to organize the fringe activities before, in-between and after the conference. These fringe activities Singapore can be valuable for the attendees. The creative and exciting activities can make the entire event exciting and leave the invitees talking about it even after the program ends.

Modernism in corporate gifts – The Trending Culture In Gifting

The culture of corporate gifting has gone to a different level of personalizing, customizing and especially on the quality and choice of gifts. To show that you are brand conscious and to stay on the top of your employees mind, it becomes mandatory for you to adapt to the modernism in corporate gifts.
Here are ideas that will boost the creative “YOU”

Get Them Drinking

Green tea, black coffee and health drinks have become a must these days for your hardworking employees. Why don’t you get them a handy ceramic mug or an electronic coffee mug as a corporate gift? They’ll be able to stay warm with your gift and will always get reminded of the unique design you chose to gift them with. Go a step ahead and have your brand inscribed on the mug, or the initials of the employee engraved. That will make it more personal too!

Creative Pen Drives

These days, you can find a plethora of pen drives like an airplane or a house key and looks just like real things, while they are pen drives. These small attractive drives can be a product that your employee will flaunt about and you’ll have many pairs of eyes staring at your creative corporate gift!

Stationery That Speaks

Instead of the normal pen, pencil and notepad, why don’t you consider gifting a package of stationery that’s unique in the sense of material, design and quality? You could add a set of sticky flags, attractive board pens, pen holders and a phone stand too inside the set. Have your company’s name etched in detailed on every piece of the set and make it look stunning!

The Big Bang Phones

If you want to be on the top of the best employers’ list, what’s better than gifting your colleagues with a latest iPhone? Though it might sound an expensive bomb for you, you could consider this gift at least for the higher hierarchy of people in your office, and gift the senior and middle management with some other nice phone that’s a boom in the market. This way you’d get your employees spread the word of goodness for your company and the type of care you shower on your employees. That’s the owner’s pride, don’t you agree?!

Gift Hampers And Vouchers

The next big thing in the concept of modernism in corporate gifts is gift hampers, discount coupons and gift vouchers. Instead of you having to break your head over what gift you should be buying for your team, give the choice to them. Hand over a few discount coupons and gift vouchers to them, so that they can get to their destination and have the voucher redeemed. Ensure that you get vouchers that give your employees a decent discount and they don’t have to splurge a huge sum on what they want to get.

All this being said and done also ensure that the gifts reach in a proper way to your employees with much care from your end!

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Photo Booths Are A Great Exercise In Corporate Branding

Whether it is a start-up company or a well established brand, photo booths are a great exercise in corporate branding. Photo booths can be used to market your brand and also to create awareness about a new product launch. You can install a photo booth in any conference and your guests will walk away with a great feeling about your brand. Just randomly taking your guests through a power point slide and a dull presentation may not have as big an impact as setting up a photo booth, visit http://instaprint.sg/. This will keep your brand at the forefront in each of the delegates’ minds. So if you would like to achieve your corporate branding goals then think no further to install a photo booth in the corporate events.

Focus on your product when creating the photo booth
The backdrop of the photo booth can be customised with the logos and images related to your company.  If it is a new product launch you can use the image of the product as a background. This will highlight the product or your company logo in every picture that is clicked.

The next thing that you need to arrange, when setting up a photo booth for corporate events, is the props. Take cut outs of the new product or a company mascot and use it as a prop. Your guests will use these props in every picture and also get creative and have weird poses with these props. Along with creating a fun environment, photo booth will be an exercise in corporate branding.

Hire a professional service provider to install and manage the photo booth at the corporate event
You could hire a professional service provider. They will take care of all your needs. From customising the photo booth and the props, to cleaning up and clicking photos, they will take care of all. They will also hand over the digital copies of the clicked photos to you. You can use them for future events. Your guests will enjoy the event and connect with your brand better.

Get your products advertised to a bigger audience
Your guests will also share these pictures on their social media platforms. This automatically markets your product without you having to put in a lot of effort.
Bigger brands which have a bigger budget opt for photo booth branding. This involves wrapping of the photo booth so that the brand gets the ultimate exposure of a photo booth. The material used in the application can be printed magnets and decals.

Adapt to changes and install a photo booth in the corporate functions hosted by your company. The monotonous presentations do not leave an indelible impression on your guests. Brand your product in a more creative way by setting up a photo booth. It is definitely worth the investment.
Technology today is so powerful that it can market your product to consumers across the globe. A photo booth will undoubtedly add to the promotion of your product and give it an edge over your competitors.