Spruce Your Conferences with Exciting Fringe Activities Singapore

If you are planning on organizing fringe activities Singapore for a seminar or conference, then here are a few fringe activities Singapore for the conference that you can include. These activities could be a great way to let the attendees move. The fringe activities Singapore for the conference could be varied as per the guests who are attending the conference. From networking and group activities to individual fringe activities, there are a plethora of ideas that you can fit into your event.

Creative and exciting fringe activities let the attendees be attentive all through the program, and they also leave the event with lasting impressions. So, plan from these fringe activities Singapore for your conference. The activities go way beyond the charts, analysis, and PowerPoint presentations.

Let your attendees put on the chef cap   

Cooking is a great team-building activity, and it also helps in breaking the ice. It offers fun and is relaxing for the attendees before they are ready to sit for the conference. Team cooking lets the participants interact with each other. They also enjoy some time bonding before the start of the conference. Cooking instills positive energy, creativity and brings in healthy competition. So why not include cooking as a fringe activity for a conference in your event.

You can’t go wrong with a game of Bingo

Lighten up the atmosphere at the conference with a game of Bingo. This is an excellent way for your invitees to settle down. You may come up with various creative ideas of Bingo or play the original version of the game. Bingo is fun and lets the attendees feel comfortable and already to attend the conference.

Human Bingo  

Human Bingo is one other game that is great at helping your attendees’ network before the conference. For this, you will have to create bingo cards that are in a 5×5 matrix. You will have to think up ideas that are unique to your audience or industry. It could include things like:

· Works in marketing

· Has traveled to a foreign country last month

· Has a corporate experience of 6 years

· Graduated last year

· Has a dog

The attendees will then have to walk around the room and check off the boxes when they meet the person. The first one who meets all the people and checks off all the boxes will win.

This game is a great conversation starter and lets your invitees feel at ease. The positive energy is carried over to the remaining part of the session.

It is all about bringing people together

The idea of these fringe activities Singapore for the conference is to make the guests feel relaxed and also helps them to network with other like-minded attendees who share the same interests. People would also like to have some information about fellow participants before the start of the conference.

The savvy planners know how to organize the fringe activities before, in-between and after the conference. These fringe activities Singapore can be valuable for the attendees. The creative and exciting activities can make the entire event exciting and leave the invitees talking about it even after the program ends.